Harmonique Technique.


Dr. Eyal Lederman
MT – Osteopaat London(GB)


Vrijdag 30 september 2016 van 14u tot 19u30.
Zaterdag 1 oktober 2016 van 9u tot 17u15.


Leden : 225€ (150€ voor studenten)
Niet-leden : 255€
Syllabus, broodjesmaaltijd op vrijdag, lunch op zaterdag en koffiepauzes inbegrepen.


Uiterste datum : 23 september 2016


Engelstalige cursus.
Slechts 30 cursisten toegelaten.

Harmonic Technique is a three dimensional mobilization of soft-tissues and joints. It is a passive rhythmic manual approach that is in tune to the individual’s natural body rhythms. These gentle rhythms are focused on and amplified and applied therapeutically to support different recovery processes and wellbeing.
Research over the last four decades had demonstrated that passive movement, such as used during Harmonic Technique, has an important role in facilitating tissue repair and adaptation after injury. Intermittent external compression has been demonstrated to improve tissue healing as well as increasing fluid flow and reducing oedema. Passive motion has been recently shown to facilitate recovery from rotator cuff surgery and help resolve pain in frozen shoulder.
These studies suggest that passive motion can be a useful clinical tool in the treatment off different musculoskeletal conditions.